Welcome to the Lammas August Newsletter. 

Celebrating Summer Solstice at Lammas


Ecovillage news 

Summer has brought a flurry in visitor activity and wildlife. When Lammas bought the land 6 years ago the ecology was degraded to the point of a noticaeble absence of flower, insect and bird life. We are now able to enjoy a multitude of wildlife, including the barn owl below which is nesting and raising young in the attic of one of the ecovillage houses. 

New Lammas Plots 

Congratulations to Keith, Sean and Eloise, and Ciesjan who have been offered plots at the Lammas ecovillage.  


In the Media

Lammas was featured in the latest edition of the magazine 'Another Escape'. Residents Hoppi Wimbush, Tao Wimbush, Ayres Gipson and Jasmine Dale all contributed to an in-depth feature which includes some stunning photography.

We are also visited by Abz in the new BBC series 'Country Strife', now available to watch on BBC iplayer. This hilarious and edgy comedy-drama follows a rock star and his glamorous girlfriend as they move back to the land. 


New Living in the Future film

Following on from the success of Ecovillage Pioneers and Living in the Future, Helen Iles is creating a new feature film - 'Dadirri' - which explores the Ecovillage Movement in Australia. She is currently crowdfunding the new film. Click here for more info.




Sat 25 July to Sat 19 September


Aberystwyth Arts Centre

The photographs show the diversity of a community life where minimal ecological impact is a priority. Whilst freedom to explore nature is clearly nurtured, in photographs such as "You Tube Friday" we see how the members of the community are embracing modern day technology but in a sustainable way, using hydro-electricity.

Sometimes contradictory, often humerous, these photographs evoke a timelessness while capturing a growing modern movement.

Supported by Arts Council Wales


New Research Paper

'Mainstreaming the Alternative' by Katherine Jones

The emergence of Lammas as an organization, and its engagement with the planning process represents something new: a convergence of discourses, a jumping of scale, and the production of an in-between space, positioned on the cusp of ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’.

The thesis looks at Lammas and the Low Impact Development (LID) movement as a process of governance for sustainable development in which the planning system and other state actors are involved but not the central forces. It breaks down the case study into themes to examine the complex processes, identities, and production of space resulting from the interactions between the ecovillage residents and the state.



Planning News: Pwll Broga

Congratulations to Charlie and Meg who won their planning appeal for their 'One Planet Development' next door to the Lammas ecovilage. It follows a 2 year planning campaign in which they demonstrated ecological benefit and compiled a robust and comprehensive Management Plan that would ensure the holding remains diverse, self-reliant and productive over time. You can download their management Plan from the One Planet Council website.



Courses at the Lammas Ecovillage: 

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DateDescription Facilitated by
August 21st – 24th 2015Lammas Family Adventure CampMelissa Jacqui and Robyn
August 25th – 30th 2015Earth Spirit Nature Connection WorkshopRobina McCurdy
September 14th – 18thOne Planet Experience WeekTao and Hoppi Wimbush
October 17th 2015Simple felt gifts for Christmas Cassandra Lishman
November 7th – 8thWeaving Hedgerow Baskets and Flax FlowersMelissa and Jacqui
November 14th 2015Reindeer Sculpture Workshop Cassandra Lishman
December 12thWillow crafts for Christmas Cassandra Lishman



One of the guided tours at Lammas - picture courtesy of John Williamson