Welcome to the Lammas March 2016 Newsletter. 

Misty March Morning at Lammas


Ecovillage news 

With the most difficult winter in living memory behind us, we welcome the spring sunshine with open arms. 

For Ayres and Marianne their dwelling is very nearly complete....


Residential Barns for Sale at Lammas

This is a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of a thriving ecovillage scene - Su Burke of Pontygafel farm is selling 4 stone outbuildings, all with full planning permission for residential conversion, two minutes walk from the Lammas Community Hub.

The barns range from £50,000 to £120,000 and are clustered around a south facing courtyard. For more details email tao.wimbush@lammas.org.uk


Small plot of land for sale at Lammas 

 A small plot of land is for sale in the upper fields at Lammas - it is just under one acre and slopes very gently to the South. It would suit someone who wants to plant trees/ have a piece of land that they can visit and camp on now and then. The plot is too small for an OPD application. Guide price £6,500. Contact tao.wimbush@lammas.org.uk for more details 


Morning Meditation - by Hoppi 

Morning meditation begins with building our home fire ... Every morning this time of year ... I just love this practice ... Every single step ... From bringing my dearly loved, beautifully sharp axe down on wood to make kindling ... The sound is true music ... When the wood splits and falls to the floor there's this gorgeous sound that emanates from each piece... Always a slightly different tone to the last ... Depending on thickness ... I love the smell of the solar dryer where we store our firewood ... I collect to fill the wood basket ... The transition from warm house to crisp cold outside and back again ... Every morning ... I love it! Then the rustling music of crumpling up old letters, bits of cardboard packaging taking up the flame ... I love starting fire with just one spark from my fire striker ... The feel of the striker handle ... A gnarled old piece of oak ... And the grating of steel on striker... as sparks fly... There's something so magical about that ... And the crackle, hissing music of the fire itself ... And the energy! So much energy in fire! 
Light! heat! movement! ... And then the still ever glowing centre of the fire's heart ... Such a steady, still radiance... Humming yet silent... 
I love meditation, presence... 
I love fire
It's the source of life

Hoppi Wimbush


Research Article on One Planet Development


Mark Waghorn, low-impact architect, has just had an article published in an online architectural journal. It's free to view and download. You can find it here: 



Willow and Flax Craft at Lammas

Willow has been used to weave baskets for thousands of years. In fact there is evidence of weaving from stone carvings that date back 20 000yrs. The materials used would have depended on people’s surroundings. Here is West Wales I, Melissa, have been growing willow for basket weaving on our plot for the past five years. Each year I coppice the willow in winter. In fact I have recently completed my harvest for this year. I have thirteen varieties of basket willow which range in colour from yellow through to black. The willow is dried out and then needs soaking, a day a foot plus a day, to be flexible enough to weave with. Having such a wet climate is perfect for growing willow. I have been teaching basket making since 2009 and teach a weekly class at a local college.

New Zealand flax (phormium tenax) is known as Harakeke in Māori.  The plant bears no relation to the true Flax but is named after it due to the likeness in strength and colour of its fibres.  It is the main fibre plant of the Māori and was used for everything from clothing to matting, cordage and basketry.  Jacqui has planted several plants around the Lammas site and harvests it to weave ornamental flowers, flower broaches, hats and baskets.  It grows very well here, coping well with windy and wet conditions - you have probably seen it planted around towns as it is a favourite of municipal planting because it is so easy to look after.  

Jacqui and Melissa will be running a willow and flax basket making weekend at the Lammas hub on the 7th and 8th May. We will be making a stake and strand basket and flax flowers which can be incorporated into the basket. For more information see the courses listed below.


Courses at the Lammas Ecovillage: 

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DateDescriptionCourse facilitated by
March 20th Leaping Hare Sculpture Cassandra Lishman
April 16th Catalan Platter Cassandra Lishman
April 30th – May 1st All Natural Skincare CourseHoppi Wimbush
May 7th – 8thWillow Basket and Flax Flowers WorkshopMelissa and Jacqui
May 9th – 13th4 day Building CourseJude Dunn
May 14th Driftwood Frame Basket Cassandra Lishman
June 11thWeaving Flax FlowersJacqui Banks
June 17th – 21st One Planet ExperienceHoppi Wimbush
June 24th – 26th Paramaethu Cymru GatheringPermaculture Association
July 8th – 19th A Complete Build – the Multipurpose Roundhouse ShelterNigel Lishman
August 3rd – 15th The Cob ExperienceCassandra Lishman
August 19th – 22nd Lammas Family Adventure CampMelissa and Jacqui and Robyn
September 10th Foraging Basket Cassandra Lishman
September 14th – 18th One Planet ExperienceHoppi Wimbush
December 10th Willow Christmas Crafts Cassandra Lishman


Women's Ceremony at Lammas

Every month the sacred sisters of the Preseli Hills gather under the light of the full moon for The Full Moon’s Women Ceremony at The Lammas Ecovillage. The ceremony was passed down to the Sacred Sisters from Grandmother Twylah of the Seneca tradition. The Seneca tradition is unique, as the male and female perspectives are equally valid and valued and this is embed within their culture. Each thirteen moons one woman commits to holding the space for the ceremony to ensure the ceremony continues for the Sacred Sisters. If any local women are interested in coming along to the ceremony please text Salena on 07740508350.