Welcome to the Lammas May 2016 Newsletter. 

Hedgehogs emerging from winter hibernation


Ecovillage news 

Lammas has recently produced its 6th Annual Monitoring Report, available on the 'Research' page of the website.

The total ecological footprint for the development for 2015 was calculated as 1.5 gHa/cap
- equivalent to a 0.8 Planet Footprint.

The project generated £107,265 from Land -Based Activity in 2015; approximately £59,000 of this was land-based produce consumed in-house (food, energy, water etc), £26,000 was land-based produce sold (fruit, veg, woodcraft etc) and £21,000 was land-based educational activities. This figure does not include income from renewable tariffs. 


Flax weaver Jacqui Banks at Livelihood shop opening


Land-based livelihood

and the development of ‘The Livelihood Shop’

by Cassandra Lishman, resident


One of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of the ‘Lammas Project’ (as it was then known) was to test how viable it was for me to make a good portion of my living from the land.

Once the land was bought in February 2009, I took the risk of establishing a willow coppice despite the fact Lammas still hadn’t received planning permission. I was willing to take this risk as I had an established local business running living willow workshops in schools, and knew I would use the willow no matter what happened. Luckily, in August that same year, planning was granted.

Now 7 years later my business has developed further, and in addition to workshops for schools I also run wider community workshops in basketry & sculpture. Of course, it wouldn’t be a ‘low impact livelihood’ if the willow I used weren’t my own! So this year I have planted another large willow bed, as I am finding I still need yet more good quality basketry willow to fulfil the needs of my little business here in the Ecovillage.

Alongside all of this, I have a strong interest in co-operative working, and in promoting handmade, beautiful arts & crafts, not just my own, but others’ as well. I sell my work in a local Artists Co-operative in Carmarthen, of which I have been a member for 8 years, and am always looking for new venues to help promote my work.

So far I haven’t been involved in managing the Lammas Community Hub, but early this year when meeting with others about the Hub building, it seemed the time was right to push forward the idea of a Livelihood Shop. A couple of meetings later, and taking some tips from the management of other craft collectives, we had quite naturally formed a small group of artists & craftspeople willing to support this little project.

If you come on a tour of Tir-y-Gafel aka ‘the Lammas Ecovillage’ - you will find one of us in the shop in the Community Hub building. Every Saturday from April - September between 10.30 - 3.30 you can find a lovely selection of wood carvings, spoons and bowls, handprinted cards, willow baskets & sculpture, beeswax products and woven flax flowers. You can also buy jams and vinegars, as well as Lammas T-shirts!

We believe our the Livelihood shop is unique, supporting people like myself that are trying to change - in our own small way - the value that people put on land-based products. By buying from the Livelihood Shop, you are supporting economic change on a micro scale, ensuring the continuity of small rural enterprises, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

You are welcome to contact me via my website www.plas-helyg.co.uk or you can look up Lammas Community Hub on Facebook for photos and news of our upcoming events.

Willow sculpture & Bryn


Radio podcast on Lammas and OPD

Tao Wimbush and Pete the Hat recently gave a radio interview on Dr Rocks Internet Radio Show about low-impact development in Wales - it covers topics that include the Lammas ecovillage, planning politics, the One Planet Development policy and the One Planet Council.

Its available as a download (just over 2 hours long) - podcast number 201. Enjoy


Temple Druid Community

Temple Druid Community are looking for new members & volunteers.

Our New Member days are incorporated into our volunteer weekends, so you can see us in action!

The next dates are Saturday- May 28th, June 25th, July 30th, September 17th, October 22nd

Please book your visit by emailing -  info@templedruid.org

As a group we purchased Temple Druid in April 2016.

Temple Druid is set in 56 acres of woodland, pasture, steams and meadows in North Pembrokeshire. We are looking for members to join us in creating a community based on the foundations of compassion and respect for nature, ourselves and others and a strong wish to tread gently on the earth. We imagine that our community will eventually consist of 8-10 permanent households – families, couples or individuals – as well as having room for people who want to rent and or volunteer.

During this first stage we are looking for new members with capital to contribute to the significant pot of money we already have had to invest in the community and to pay off the outstanding loans we have taken to purchase the property. If you are interested - have a look around our website to find our more about who we are, our progress and our dream.

We would like to invite potential new community members the opportunity to visit Temple Druid and meet the community. There will be a tour of the grounds, a question and answer session and time for a shared vegetarian lunch with us, as well as opportunity to work on the land.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops 2016 

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DateDescriptionCourse facilitated by
May 14th Driftwood Frame BasketCassandra Lishman
June 11th Weaving Flax FlowersJacqui Banks
June 17th – 21st One Planet ExperienceHoppi Wimbush
June 24th – 26th Paramaethu Cymru GatheringPermaculture Association
July 8th – 19th A Complete Build – the Multipurpose  Roundhouse ShelterNigel Lishman
August 3rd – 15th The Cob ExperienceCassandra Lishman
August 19th – 22nd Lammas Family Adventure CampMelissa and Jacqui and Robyn
September 10th Foraging BasketCassandra Lishman
September 14th – 18th One Planet ExperienceHoppi Wimbush
December 10th Willow Christmas CraftsCassandra Lishman