Welcome to the November 2016 Newsletter. 

Processing Tomato Seed, picture courtesy of Melissa Holloway, one of a cluster of new hi-res pictures available on the Lammas Gallery page 

Ecovillage news


We have been blessed with an Indian Summer here at Lammas - with lots of blue skies and sunshine to ripen the harvests. Good luck to Joe and Caz, who originally came to Lammas in 2010 to volunteer on the Community Hub build, and have since bought their own plot (Gelli y Gafel) and have now applied for planning permission (under the One Planet Development policy) for their smallholding. They plan to set up a micro-brewery specialising in fruit wines and ciders. Their Management Plan can be viewed here.


Joe and Caz planting a copper beech tree on their plot 


New Research paper

There is a new research paper, available here, by Matthew Buxton, which explores how radical politics are changing the rural landscape and culture, and what part Lammas is playing in this transition.



Grand Designs   

"Working with the Grand Designs team over the last 4 years has been a real pleasure. Kevin McCloud is passionate about how architecture can so radically influence our quality of life and connect us to landscapes. The team in general use the program to celebrate human creative potential, determination and the diversity with which we can all express ourselves. After 200 hundred hours of filming, they have the mammoth task of reducing that material to 47minutes of narrative for the viewing masses and we were pleased to see how explicitly they used the show to support Lammas residents efforts and the whole One Planet concept. In fact Kevin himself is part of an NGO that originated the term One Planet footprint in the 1990s at a UN level. 

The best thing about the experience was chatting abour re-wilding between shots with Kevin and the fab deli lunches the camera crew provided from their expense budget. The worst thing was reading abusive tweets as the show was broadcast; and the unexpected thing was the love and integrity in the relationships we developed with the film crew: big thanks to Max, Claire, Mike, Phil, Tom, Hannah, Dai and the sound men.
The episode featuring Lammas is on the Channel 4 website and youtube. If you are interested in our approach and ideas you may like to join Simon and I on our 'Wild by Design' permaculture and natural building internship this spring and our shorter certified course to support OPD people landing in fields. More info is on our website www.beingsomewhere.net."


 Green Living Muse Blog

Ecovillage resident Cassandra Lishman is writing a blog that explores everything from low-impact living to reflections on current affairs. Click here to view


Upcoming Events, Workshops and Courses  

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DateDescriptionCourse facilitated by
November 30thOne Planet Development Skills TasterJasmine Dale
December 10th Willow Christmas Crafts Cassandra Lishman
December 18thChristmas FairCassandra Lishman
December 21stWinter Solstice FireTao Wimbush
February 11th 2017Big Hearts Workshop Cassandra Lishman
April 1stHeron Sculpture Workshop Cassandra Lishman
April 8th – 9th 2017Back to Nature CampHoppi Wimbush
April 14thLeaping Hare Workshop Cassandra Lishman
April 29th – 30thTruth for Youth CampHoppi Wimbush
June 3rdLarge Dragonfly Sculpture Workshop Cassandra Lishman
July 5th – 9th One Planet LivingHoppi Wimbush
July 24th – 31stThe Cob ExperienceCassandra and Nigel Lishman
August 5thHarvest Basket Workshop Cassandra Lishman
August 11th – 13thNatural ParentingHoppi Wimbush
August 18 – 21stLammas Family Adventure CampMelissa Jacqui and Robyn
August 27th – 28thErgonomic Log Basket Residential Course Cassandra Lishman
September 6th – 10th One Planet HealingHoppi Wimbush
November 11th – 12thWillow Basket and Flax Flowers WorkshopMelissa and Jacqui
December 9thReindeer SculptureCassandra Lishman

All courses are based at the Lammas Ecovillage