Welcome to the April 2017 Newsletter. 

Calendula flowers heralding Spring


We have been blessed with a mild spring here at Lammas - and with it we once again venture out into the gardens to begin a new growing season. With the warmer weather the flow of visitors begins again. This year we have a range of tours on offer in addition to courses and seasonal celebrations. 

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 Plas Helyg - Crowdfunding Success!

Massive thanks to all our crowd, we successfully raised £4,500 in pledges to build an Eco-pod this summer for guests. 

We are in the process of landscaping & planning the build, you are welcome to get in touch if you would like more information. 

FB Plas Helyg cassandra@plas-helyg.co.uk



 Hempcrete Workshop 

Big Thankyou to Tom Woolley for his workshop on Hempcrete.

For any potential hempcrete builders, Celtic Sustainables (based in Cardigan) supply Hemp shiv and NHL Lime for hempcrete production.



Natural medicine for livestock

"Giving your animals wild garlic at this time of year is a fantastic natural wormer. My Blue Faced Leicester ewes absolutely love it! I add dandelions too." Cassie 


 Plot Hwdl

 Plot Hwdl here at Lammas is looking for longterm volunteers. We need people who are interested in really taking the initiative in getting to grips with the plot, ideally for 6 months, a year, more...?  You will need your own accommodation, although we do have a static caravan available as additional living, cooking, and washing space.  I am quite open as to how a longterm volunteering arrangement could work, so do contact me if you think you might be interested, and would like to talk through options and ideas. Contact Marianne on mariannesmessages@yahoo.com


Plot Hwdl's Roundhouse 


Wyth Draig


Long term volunteer(s) wanted with skills in gardening or building.  Also, looking for a volunteer interested in helping develop and design a plan for 'carbon farming'.  Contact Jude on musingcamel@gmail.com 


Ysbryd Y Coed

Ysbryd y Coed (meaning Spirit of the Trees in Welsh) is a ten acre One Planet Development in Carmarthenshire, a few miles down the road from the Lammas Ecovillage. Our main aim for our OPD is to create a place where wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, both physical wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing.  We approach working with the land from a place of love and gratitude for the abundance it can give when treated with respect. 

We eat a plant-based diet (meaning no animal products) and for this reason we prefer to think of our OPD as a large garden rather than a farm, or smallholding.  We are focused on growing vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, mushrooms, herbs, flowers and most of all trees.  Food is one of our biggest passions here – growing it, eating it, turning it into beautiful creations and highlighting how exciting and nutritious a plant based diet can be.  We also enjoy working with the trees to create unique woodcraft items that can help inspire people to reconnect with the energy/spirit of trees.

 We live a gentle and creative life here, full of love, laughter, music and joy, connecting with mother earth and flowing with the rhythms of nature.

We are seeking volunteers to help with building our house and establish the infrastructure of our One Planet Development.  We are aiming to complete as much of the build as possible this year and if you’re interested in building we would really like to hear from you.  The design of our house is a very modest, lightweight timber cabin, so for the most part it will involve just carpentry and some stone work for the foundations.  So no straw bales or cob…  Though there will be plenty of space to be creative…  Experience isn’t really necessary, just the desire to work hard and help us get out of our caravan as soon as possible… Though if you are experienced, then that’s great too.  

email info@ysbrydycoed.com for more info, or visit our facebook page

Much love, Chris and Salena xx



  Rhiw Las

At Rhiw Las we are following in the footsteps of Lammas and got planning permission last June to build four eco houses on our 21 acre One Planet Development near Whitland.  Erica and Chris's house is starting to go up and there are opportunities to join us for 5- and 7-day courses throughout the summer on straw bale building, lime and clay plastering, and stunning natural pigments for internal walls.  The courses are run by Straw Works and Richard Sylvan of Heartwood Natural Building.  Please contact Erica on courses2017@danyberllan.co.uk for further details.

Upcoming Events, Workshops and Courses  

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DateDescriptionCourse facilitated by
April 14thLeaping Hare WorkshopCassandra Lishman
April 22ndDivining Energies and Spirit of PlaceJude Dunn
April 23rdSmall Spaces Big IdeasJude Dunn
May 1st – 31stNatural Building and Permaculture InternshipJasmine and Simon Dale
May 8th – 12thBeltane Cob WorkshopCassie Lishman
July 5th – 9th One Planet LivingHoppi Wimbush
July 31st – August 4thLammas Cob WorkshopCassie Lishman
August 5thHarvest Basket Workshop Cassandra Lishman
August 11th – 13thNatural ParentingHoppi Wimbush
August 18 – 21stLammas Family Adventure CampMelissa Jacqui and Robyn
August 26thBack to Nature CampHoppi Wimbush
August 27thTruth for Youth CampHoppi Wimbush
September 6th – 10th One Planet HealingHoppi Wimbush
November 11th – 12thWillow Basket and Flax Flowers WorkshopMelissa and Jacqui
December 9thReindeer SculptureCassandra Lishman


 All courses are based at the Lammas Ecovillage